• DABEIL SING 200g

    Dabeli Sing

    Go crazy with the snack full of peanuts and wholesome spices namely garam masala, chilli powder, cumin powder and coriander. The reddish, spicy and mouth-watering snack is sure to make your evening, a grand one. It’s not just a snack but a half-meal made of spices. Put them into your mouth and relish the eternal taste of mixed spices along with hot tea.  


    Calcutta Mudi Bhel

    Another savoury from the heart of Bengalis, it is the sweet puffed rice smeared with chat masala and spices. Pour it in your hand and quickly gulp them into your mouth only to relish the exclusive taste of sweetness and spiciness. Spread it on your snack dish and have a gala time with your beloved ones in the evening. Warm tea is the best match with it.


    Crispy Noodles   

    Our all time favourite noodles are now available in a different taste. First boiled and then lightly fried, you shall get a soft cum crispy taste from our Crispy Noodles. Enjoy it with your cousins, friends and family and celebrate your evenings. No wonder noodles always go with cold drinks; you can also try it with some hot beverage and experience a different snack-time.


    Cream Onion Stick

    Sour cream and onion, something which you have perhaps never tasted together, can now be consumed through the Cream Onion Stick of Heerson. The sour cream and onion flavoured sticks are sure to mesmerise your taste buds and deliver a unique taste. You can have this with hot tea or coffee or may be your favourite cold drink and feel the difference


    Corn Flakes Chiwda

    Ideal for the health conscious and on-diet people, it is a wholly nutritious snack that delivers nourishment along with taste. Cornflakes mixed with peanuts, cashews, roasted chana dal and curry leaves are well cooked in light oil to retain good health. You can couple it with diet coke or black tea.


    Cheese Muruku

    The traditional murukus with a fine twist of continental taste is an ideal way to bring a change in your snack periods. Loaded with rice flour, fried gram, besan and quality grated cheese, every bit of the snack tastes as if it is dipped in cheese. The best part about this snack is it’s cheesy cum crunchy taste, which comes from its deeply fried state.

  • CHEESLING 200g


    You can have cheeslings at any time. While sitting in your cab or in your office or may be in your house, chewing the fine cheese pieces can deliver a heavenly feeling. The soft and slightly crunchy taste comes from pure grated cheese, high quality all-purpose flour and vegetable oil. The smell of fried chessling shall rest in your heart forever.   

  • CHEESE RING 200g

    Cheese Ring

    The best-ever continental snack takes care of your taste buds and stomach at the same time. Prepared with superior quality grated cheese and deeply fried in oil, it gives you the unique taste of fried cheese, something which you don’t get regularly. The golden brown colour is stimulating enough to bring waters in your mouth and increase your interest for this wonderful snack.


    Cheese Potato Sev

    Another mind-blowing 6pm snack right from Heerson’s cheese corner, the cheese potato sev is something that will keep asking for. As you will relish the thin potato strands seasoned with grated cheese, you shall find yourself in a cheesy world. Spread it in your snack dish and keep munching with your family, however not without a beverage of your choice.  


    Cheese Pasta

    Throw back to a nutritious evening with the best-in-class Cheese Pasta of Heerson. Made with branded milk, flour, black pepper and of course finely grated cheese, be ready to get the best experience of having pastas. The soft, cheesy and tasty pastas can be coupled with your favourite cold drink. With cheese pasta, make your evenings very cheesy.  


    Cheese IPL Chatka

    Add value and joy to your IPL moments with this cheesy and delightful snack. It resembles the chocos you have with milk. Hence, you can also call it cheese chocos. With IPL match on, enjoy every cheesy bite and enhance your experience by adding your favourite cold drink. Whether alone or in a group the snack is sure to give you the best company in the IPL matches.


    Cheese Garlic Potato

    Fine strands of potato mixed with a unique combination of cheese and garlic delivers an unconventional taste. As you chew the strands, the smell of garlic and cheese mesmerises your taste buds and increases your craving. Enjoy wholesome cheese potato garlic along with a hot cup of tea and make your snack time healthy and tasty.  


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