Cheese Cheeling

    For those who cannot think of a snack without cheese, here is a mouth-watering crispy fried cheese with little bit of lemon and chilly flavour. Lemon and chilly makes a perfect combination in delivering a unique taste. At the same time, it is healthy as it does not contain any oil. Complete your cheesy experience with a cold drink or a cup of hot tea.

  • CHAT PURI 200g

    Chat Puri

    Are you thinking about a spicy evening with your friends? Chat Puri is the perfect savory to enhance your bonding and make a lifelong friendship. Prepared with wheat flour, edible oil and chatpata masalas, the snack quickly melts into your mouth and takes you to the world of spices and crunches. For a complete snack experience, you can have it with hot tea or coffee.  


    Chat Moong Jor

    When roasted Moong along with chat masala, salt and ajwain goes into your mouth, how do you feel? This is exactly what Heerson’s Chat Moong Jor delivers. The roasted and spicy snack is the most preferred evening snack for many families. Have it with tea or coffee and enjoy the world of diverse tastes.  

  • CHANA JOR 200g

    Chana Jor

    A snack made of chickpeas is something you won’t get anywhere. Heerson’s Chana Jor stimulates your taste buds and makes you want more. Chickpeas, the main ingredient is flattened, friend and mixed with spices. The very sight of the snack is sure to bring water in your mouth. The healthy and low-fat snack makes it suitable for all ages.   

  • CHANA DAL 200g

    Chana Dal

    Made with Bengal gram, Chana Dal is something which you can much on even in your office. An interesting thing about the snack is that instead of being fried, it is roasted. So, even if you are on diet, you can savour the taste and chew it anytime anywhere. Enjoy it with tea and make good snack moments in your life.

  • CALUTTA MIX 200g

    Calcutta Mix   

    Better known as Chanachur among the Bengalis, Calcutta mix is a wholesome snack comprising peanuts, potato sticks and other spices. You can have it directly with tea or mix it with sweet puffed rice to make a better snack, something which Bengalis do even today. The crunchy and spicy snack is sure to deliver that everlasting taste of perfect Indian, especially Bengali snack.


    Button Bhakarwadi

    The Mumbai-based snack is the best way to turn on your evening mode. A perfect combination of Maida, gram flour, edible oil and sugar, Button Bhakarvadi is everyone’s favourite. Sit along with your family and let your taste buds enjoy the crunchy and crispy taste with hot sips of tea or coffee in the intervals.


    Butter Chakli   

    Grab a Butter Chakli and kick-start your evening on a joyous note. Prepared with pulse gram flour, sesame seeds, cumin seeds, butter and a pinch of salt; it is the perhaps the most delicious snack that anyone would like to have in the evening hours. The light crunchy snack is best to have with hot tea. Give a bite and enjoy the sweet and salty taste.


    Butter Bhavnagari Gathiya

    Bring a twist in your evening appetiser with the popular Butter Bhavnagri Gathiya. The wholesome natural gram flour-made snack mixed with butter delivers an eternal taste of authentic Gujarati snacks. The lightly cooked snack takes care of your taste buds as well as your health. Couple it with tea or coffee and throw back to a great family time in the evening.


    Butter Bhakarwadi   

    Spice up your regular evenings with this customary Maharashtrian snack. Take a piece of the flour and besan snack and savour the taste of stuffed poppy seeds and smeared butter. It is first steamed and then deep fried to deliver the crispy taste that you desire the most. Relish the sweet and spicy taste along with saffron milk.  

  • SADA BUNDI 200g


    The traditional rounded snacks made from pure gram flour and a few spices, is an ideal snack for a wonderful evening with your family. Munch on the light-cooked bundis and savour the taste along with a hot cup of your favourite tea. For a change, you can also mix yoghurt and add black pepper and enjoy bundi raita. Snack and dessert, both can be cherished with Heerson’s bundi.


    Bhajani Chakli  

    If you are looking for some hard, crispy and deep-fried snack, here is the popular Bhajani Chakli to make every evening, a grand one. With good quality flour, Bengal gram and black gram, the Chaklis are the mouth-watering snacks that make you crave for more. A chai and chakli combo is every Indian’s choice.


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